Refractory ceramics

By definition, ceramics are non-metallic materials, inorganic, obtained by the action of high temperatures.

During firing a ceramic raw material undergoes an irreversible transformation and acquires new properties. These properties are well known: durability, wear and heat resistance.

Neyco provides a wide range of technical ceramics that will fit to all your specifications. We are able to produce a lot of ceramics parts on drawings or as per our standards dimensions (E-beam liners).

Depending on your specifications, your usage constraints, work environment and the desired characteristics, we provide you with the most appropriate material for your application.

We offer you several type of ceramics such as : oxides (Alumina, Zirconia, Quartz), carbides and nitrides (SiC, BN...) or mulite, silicon, macor. 

You can refer to the above documentation to know more about the specifications of our ceramic materials.

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Manufacturing according to your drawing

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