Backing plates

Backing plates

Backing plate is one of the important components of the PVD sputtering process. OFHC Copper (Oxygen free, high conductivity) is the commonly used material. It exhibits the best electrical and thermal characteristics.

Aluminum, Molybdenum and Stainless Steel can also be used for backing plate fabrication when Copper is not appropriate. As an example, the desired sputtering target material may have a non-compatible coefficient of expansion compared to that of Copper which can cause the bonded target assembly to fail irrecoverably. In such case, the use of an alternative backing plate metal is essential.

Cleaning and packaging according UHV standards.


Manufacturing according your drawing: enter specifications of the backing plate in the table "Our customized products", then quantity, and click on +. You can send a drawing (pdf file) on the overview page of the quotation request.

Stock products

P/N Material Diameter Thickness Quantity
BPCU2PX3MM Copper CuC1 OFHC 2" 3 mm Add In stockIn stock
BPCU3PX3MM Copper CuC1 OFHC 3" 3 mm Add In stockIn stock
BPCU4PX3MM Copper CuC1 OFHC 4" 3 mm Add In stockIn stock
BPCU82.5X3MM Copper CuC1 OFHC 82.5 mm 3 mm Add In stockIn stock
BPCU107.5X3MM Copper CuC1 OFHC 107.5 mm 3 mm Add In stockIn stock

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Our customized products

Material Diameter Thickness Quantity
Stainless Steel 304L Add
Al 99.9% Add
Mo 99.95% Add

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