Sputtering targets

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Neyco provides several types of targets for sputtering:

  • Pure metal and alloy targets, purity from 99% to 99.999 %.
  • Hot pressed oxides and intermetallic targets without binder: Al2O3, AZO, ITO, PZT, SiO2, ZnO...
  • Industrial application targets: Al, Ni/Cr, Mo, Ta, Ti/Al, W …

Most sputtering targets can be fabricated into a wide range of shapes and sizes such as : circular, rectangular, Delta, ring, tube and more on request. 

There are some technical limitations to the maximum size for a given single piece construction. In such cases, a multi-segmented target can be produced with the individual segments joined together by butt or beveled joints.

All targets are delivered with a certificate of analysis.

The materials are checked before shipping with a X-fluorescence analyzer. Certificate on request. 

Targets Copper base, Cu

Stock products

P/N Material Purity Dimensions Thickness Quantity
CU2PX3MM4N Cu 99.99% 2" (50.8 mm) 3 mm Add In stockIn stock
CU2PX6MM4N Cu 99.99% 2" (50.8 mm) 6 mm Add In stockIn stock
CU3PX3MM4N Cu 99.99% 3" (76.2 mm) 3 mm Add In stockIn stock
CU3PX6MM4N Cu 99.99% 3" (76.2 mm) 6 mm Add In stockIn stock

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Our customized products

Formula Purity Dimensions Quantity
Cu Add
Cu(x)Zn(y)SbS4 Add
Cu(x)Ga(y) Add
Cu2GeS3 Add
Cu2S Add
Cu2Se Add
Cu2Te Add
Cu2ZnSnO4 (CZTS) Add
Cu3SbS4 Add
CuAl2O3 Add
CuAlO2 Add
CuB (95/5at%) Add
Cu/Fe (99/1wt%) Add
Cu/Ga (80/20at%) Add
Cu/Ga (70/30at%) Add
Cu/Ga (75/25at%) Add
CuGaSe2 Add
CuGe Add
Cu2Te Add
CuSn Add
CuTiO3 Add
Cu/Zn (70/30at%) Add
CuZnSbS Add
Cu/Zr (60/40at%) Add

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