Cylindrical magnetrons

Cylindrical magnetrons

We can offer you rotating cylindrical magnetron assembly that is compact, economical, and lightweight. By utilizing the patented technology we provide low flux deposition profile, +85% target utilization, and power savings up to 20% compared to conventional cylindrical magnetrons.

Complete assemblies are available from 3" to 6" (76.2 mm - 152.4 mm) in diameter and up to 4 meters in length. 


  • High Magnetic Field provides a low operating voltage for reduced power requirements.
  • An optimized electrical transfer design to deliver high power while avoiding arcing as well as reduced brush wear and debris.
  •  A KF quick connect water-to-vacuum seal for quick target changes, shorter down times and increased production.
  • A universal and cost effective magnet design with customized turnarounds.

Lightweight, easily-serviced product with off-the-shelf components for low-cost, long-term investment and reliability.

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