SQC-310 series controllers

SQC-310 series controllers







With advanced electronics, an improved display, and a very affordable price, the INFICON SQC-310 Series gives you features not found on competitors' thin film controllers. And you can choose the ideal model for your application: sequential deposition (SQC-310) or codeposition (SQC-310C).




  • Bright, color LCD display - available in English or Chinese
  • Standard RS-232 and USB (RS-232 and Ethernet optional)
  • Easy setup and operation with a "Quick Setup" Menu, 6 context-sensitive push buttons, and convenient parameter setting knob
  • Windows® program for developing, testing, and downloading processes, and for logging instrument data to your PC for process analysis and quality control
  • Accurate process control, especially for low deposition rates, with ±0.03 Hz resolution at 10 readings/second
  • Storage capacity for up to 100 processes, 1,000 layers, 50 films
  • Monitoring of source material with a single sensor or with multiple sensors to provide accurate source distribution monitoring

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