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Neyco offers products from the Nye Lubricants® and Molykote® brands. 

The Nye Lubricants® brand product line is characterized by standards that have established themselves in the industry as the gold standard. These products include:

NyoGel® products were developed for applications requiring high temperature resistance and resistance to water and salt water. The product line originally consisted of silica-thickened greases, usually translucent in color, for various applications such as damping, electrical connectors and sliding applications.
The number of electrical connectors and electronic circuits in cars, airplanes, household appliances, industrial machinery, trucks or boats is constantly increasing. Failure of these components, whether it is a short circuit or loss of continuity, is a major concern. Constant exposure to moisture, corrosive environments and vibration can also accelerate the failure or malfunction of these connector components. 

The Nye Lubricant® brand Rheolube® product line consists generally of soap-thickened synthetic hydrocarbon greases that were originally developed to provide a wide range of greases to meet the needs of various automotive components. All greases in the Rheolube family are also fortified with a variety of anti-wear, anti-oxidant, anti-corrosion and extreme pressure additives to enhance performance.

NyeTorr® and NyeClean® products are designed for vacuum applications such as semiconductor, flat panel display, photovoltaic industries...
They are chemically stable, non-toxic, low vapor pressure synthetic lubricants designed for high vacuum and clean room environments.
These lubricants do more than reduce friction, wear, and corrosion; they can prevent contamination, increase load capacity, decrease downtime, improve yields, control motion, and reduce costs.

NyeBar® from Nye Lubricants® is a clear fluorocarbon barrier film that prevents oil migration and contamination of nearby sensitive components. Liquids, such as oils, will spread over, or "wet" any surface whose surface energy is greater than the surface tension of the fluid. Because of the very high surface energies of metals, fluids will easily spread or crawl over any clean metal surface. Once applied, a thin layer of NyeBar® modifies the surface of a metal or other solid, allowing it to slow the migration or creep of fluids on that surface. This prevents oil from reaching critical components, reducing the risk of contamination and failure.

Pennzane™ multiply-alkylated cyclopentane (MAC) fluids originally developed by Pennzoil are the basis for our most advanced oils and greases. Unlike other lubricants on the market, Penzanne lubricants are the only greases and oils that offer the unique combination of extreme wear protection, low outgassing and additive compatibility for optimum performance in space and other vacuum applications.

Nye Lubricant® brand Uniflor™ PPFEs are the most thermo-oxidatively stable lubricants available today. Unlike any other brand of fluorinated lubricants, the Uniflor™ line utilizes every PFPE oil available to create a diverse product line and achieve optimal performance under a variety of operating conditions. Uniflor™ products can withstand temperatures ranging from -90°C to +250°C, and even higher excursions.
What are PFPEs? Perfluoropolyethers (PFPEs) are synthetic fluorinated fluids that are well suited for demanding environments or applications where chemical interaction between materials may be an issue. Although all PFPEs are composed of carbon, fluorine and oxygen, the molecular structure of each PFPE fluid varies depending on the base materials and polymerization processes used by PFPE manufacturers. These structural differences affect the fluid's pour point, volatility, viscosity and viscosity index - all critical factors in lubricant formulation. Some PFPE oils, for example, have a pour point of only -20°C, while others offer pour points as low as -90°C. Similarly, some PFPE oils offer better wear resistance and vapor pressure properties than others.


You can find Molykote® and Nye Lubricants® references by applications, industries, or products. Do not hesitate to contact us for any information request.

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