Vanadium base, V

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Our standards

P/N Material Form Purity Dimensions Packaging Quantity
P/NV3X123N MaterialV Formpieces Purity99.9% Dimensions3-12 mm Packaging100 g Quantity Add to cart
P/NV6X63N MaterialV Formpellets Purity99.9% Dimensions6x6 mm Packaging100 g Quantity Add to cart
P/NV2O5-3X6MM3N MaterialV2O5 Formpieces Purity99.9% Dimensions3-6 mm Packaging100 g Quantity Add to cart

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Alloy or formula

for ex: V, V2O3, V2O5, VSi2, ...


For ex: 99.99%, 5N


for ex: pieces 5-10 mm, pellets diam 3x6 mm

Alloy or formula Purity Dimensions Quantity Add to cart

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