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Pennzane™ multiply-alkylated cyclopentane (MAC) fluids originally developed by Pennzoil are the basis for our most advanced oils and greases. Unlike other lubricants on the market, Penzanne lubricants are the only greases and oils that offer the unique combination of extreme wear protection, low outgassing and additive compatibility for optimum performance in space and other vacuum applications.

Where are Pennzane lubricants used?
Pennzane lubricants can be used to lubricate bearings, gears, linear actuators and other precision components found in applications such as space mechanisms, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and many other vacuum applications. 

Features and Benefits: 
Low outgassing and low vapor pressure: When a lubricant outgasses, it releases low molecular weight molecules, similar to evaporation. This phenomenon is temperature and pressure dependent. High temperatures and low atmospheric pressures increase outgassing, and high vacuum is the most obvious condition for evaporation of liquid lubricants. Evaporated material can potentially condense on surfaces that would contaminate optics and other sensitive components. In addition, the loss of evaporated molecules changes the properties of the base oil, including viscosity and viscosity-related properties such as friction and torque, resulting in a reduction in lubricant life. Low vapor pressure materials have low outgassing and longer life under vacuum conditions. MAC lubricants have very low vapor pressure and unique stable performance under vacuum conditions. Outgassing data is available for all our Pennzane products.

Extreme Wear Protection:
MAC polymers have a molecular structure that resists degradation due to wear, making them ideal for highly stressed metal-on-metal applications. MACs also have a high surface tension, which means they have good film strength that will:

  • Provide a coating for moving parts to minimize contact and friction
  • Reduce oil creep
  • Protect components that operate under high loads.

Additive and Material Compatibility:
Pennzane™ fluids are compatible with a wide range of materials, so they can also be used where plastic parts may come in contact with the lubricant. These fluids can be formulated with a wide variety of additives, including anti-wear agents, extreme pressure agents and antioxidants, to achieve the desired performance of the lubricant.

Limitations to consider:
Temperature: While Pennzane products offer a multitude of benefits not found elsewhere, they do have some limitations. First, Pennzane products have a limited operating temperature range of -50°C to 125°C. If an application, such as those found in space, requires the low outgassing and excellent wear performance of a MAC lubricant and the operating temperature is below -50°C, engineers may consider adding a heater to their design to raise the temperature into the MAC operating temperature range.

If your application requires low outgassing and an extremely wide operating temperature range, but does not require the extreme wear performance or specialized additives of a MAC lubricant, a perfluoropolyether (PFPE) from our NyeTorr® or NyeClean® product line is recommended.

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