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The Nye Lubricant® brand Rheolube® product line consists generally of synthetic, soap-thickened hydrocarbon greases that were originally developed to provide a wide range of greases to meet the needs of various automotive components. All greases in the Rheolube family are also fortified with a variety of anti-wear, anti-oxidant, anti-corrosion and extreme pressure additives to enhance performance.

The 360 Series was developed for use in a variety of applications such as bearings, sliding surfaces, gear trains and electrical components. Rheolube® 363F grease is often recommended for low temperature torque reduction in steering assemblies and other systems requiring noise, vibration and harshness reduction.

As the product line has grown over the years, the 380 Series has been developed for power tools, automotive starters, gears and heavily loaded mechanical devices. The 380 Series uses a synthetic hydrocarbon/ester grease base thickened with soap and enhanced with various additives. Rheolube® 380 & 380-G1 greases have been formulated to reduce friction and wear, thereby extending the life of gearboxes.

The 730 Series is a clay-thickened, synthetic hydrocarbon grease designed for gearboxes, low torque applications and instrument motor gear trains.

The 789 Series consists of clay-thickened ester greases that have been developed to have superior thermal stability to the 730 Series. The primary applications for the 789 Series are instrument motor gear trains, rolling element bearings and gear trains.

The 2000 Series is also part of the Rheolube product line. It has been specifically designed for instruments and bearings in aerospace and vacuum applications. These greases consist of a multi-alkylated cyclopentane thickened with a sodium soap complex.

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