Crystals for quartz microbalance

Crystals for quartz microbalance

Our 6 MHz crystals are used with INFICON controllers and monitors.

The 5 MHz crystals can be used with 5 MHz instruments only; and are not compatible with INFICON instruments.

Materials available for both 5Mhz and 6 Mhz electrodes :

  • gold
  • silver
  • alloy

Quartz microbalances are used to measure, in situ and in real time, the thickness of thin film in vacuum deposition. 

Quartz in stock

Quartz in stock

The following part numbers are kept in stock in Vanves.

Packaging : 20 pces

Please enter the quartz number you need (20 for 1 box of 20 pieces).

P/N Nominal frequency Material Quantity
NE104B5 5 MHz Au Add In stockIn stock
AGSA5 5 MHz Ag Add
AUDA598B 6 MHz Au Add In stockIn stock
AUDA6B 6 MHz Au Add In stockIn stock
7501002-G10 6 MHz Alloy Add

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Other Quartz

Other frequencies, or different packaging (5 or 10 pces / box):


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