VacSeal leak sealant

VacSeal is a silicone based liquid resin system developed for sealing leaks in high and UHV systems. VacSeal will seal leaks as large as 4.10-6 l/s on systems under evacuation. The sealant will repair larger leaks if the system is at atmospheric pressure.

VacSeal Aerosol and Bottle

VacSeal Aerosol and Bottle



The different packagings of the VacSeal are as following:

  • Aerosol: 450 g, with 152 mm snorkel tube
  • Bottle: 15 g, with brush

Reference P/N 5106C-AB replace P/N 05049-AB

P/N Désignation Conditionnement Quantity
05106C-AB Vacseal leak sealant with brush 0.5 oz / 15 g Add In stockIn stock
5051-AB Vacseal Vacuum leak sealant, aerosol 16 oz / 450 g Add In stockIn stock

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