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Stainless steel vacuum chambers

Information guide

Neyco will assist you in your vacuum chambers or vacuum components on request. Our teams and facilities are equiped to custom build complete assemblies for your vacuum and high vacuum needs.  

Materials : Stainless steel 304L or 316L, Mu-metal (µ-metal).

From Design Office to Quality Control, discover our know-how:

Design Office :

Our design office is able to work from : 

Your own plans
Your specifications
Simple technical drawings or diagrams
In all cases, Neyco provides you with a plan for approval prior to production launch. Our sales and technical teams are available at any time to discuss with you.

Production capacity :

Chamber Ø: up to 2 m
TIG welding according to UHV standard
Surface finish: general = Ra 3.2 / joint faces = Ra 1.6 to 0.8
External finish: bead blasting, electropolishing, mechanical polishing
Leakage check by helium test: <1.10-10 mbar.l.s-1

Cleaning and Drying :

For small Ø: automatic cleaning system (you can refer to the video above at 2"09-2"18).

For larger Ø: cleaning by hot steam jet, rinsing, steaming (atmospheric pressure).

On request :

a secondary vacuum drying can be carried out (up to 380°C), with RGA.  
delivery of chambers with closing flanges after vacuum drying. 
Our UHV cleaning procedure will allow you to use our vacuum chambers and components with any KF, ISO and CF flange upon receipt.

Quality control :

All our chambers are controlled and tested during and after the manufacturing process. We have the possibility to provide you, on request at the time of order :

Material certificate type EN 10204-3.1
PV of dimensional control
Helium test certificate
Recording of a residual gas analysis (RGA)

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