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NyoGel® products were developed for applications requiring high temperature resistance and resistance to water and salted water. The product range originally consisted of silica thickened greases, usually translucent in colour, for a variety of applications such as damping, electrical connectors and sliding applications.

The number of electrical connectors and electronic circuits in cars, aircraft, household appliances, industrial machinery, trucks or boats is constantly increasing. Failure of these components, whether it is a short circuit or a loss of continuity, is a major concern. Constant exposure to moisture, corrosive environments and vibration can also accelerate the failure or malfunction of these connector components. 

NyoGel® 760G is a standard universal grease for electrical connectors, specified by leading OEMs in a wide range of industries. It has good protection against fretting corrosion and has good dielectric insulation capabilities. 

Application examples: 

1. Electrical connectors: For gold-plated connectors (for example), our NyoGel® 760G lubricant reduces the wear potential of the noble metal during coupling and separation, and protects against oxidation. Tin/lead connectors are also subject to "fretting corrosion", the result of low-amplitude vibrations caused by thermal expansion and contraction or by nearby movements, such as fans, motors, or the simple opening and closing of a cabinet door. Contact corrosion continually exposes new layers of the metal surface to oxidation. A lubricant film minimises metal-to-metal contact during vibration, protecting the connector from metal damage. 

2. Data centre: Shocks, vibrations and temperature cycling are all forms of micromovement that create electrical contact wear (fretting), resulting in power failure and signal loss. NyoGel® 760G lubricates electrical contacts (tin contacts) and protects them from dust, water, oxidation and corrosion. This improves the reliability of connections and the lifetime of the equipment. 

3. Professional power tools: A tight electrical connection between the power tool and the battery pack can often make battery performance difficult. 760G grease lubricates this connection, reducing the contact force and protecting the connection from damage due to repetitive use. 

4. Starter, alternator terminals, grounding strips (connectors).....

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