Bonding wires

Bonding wires

TANAKA Bonding wires are used for a wide range of products, such as integrated circuits (ICs and LSIs) and transistors. It allow to connects semiconductor IC chips to electrode.

All of our bonding wires are delivered with a specific certificate of analysis. 


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Please specify the length and the number of spools required on the quantity box and refer to all technical information on the pdf file above. 

Material Ø Wire Quantity
Gold bonding from 15 ±1 µm to 38 ±1 µm Add
Gold alloy from 15 µm to 30 µm Add
Copper from 15 ±1 µm to 500 ±10 µm Add
Aluminum (for power devices) from 100 ±5 µm to 500 ±10 µm Add
Aluminum-Silicon from 18 ±1 µm to 80 ±3 µm Add
Silver Alloy from 15 µm to 30 µm Add

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