Circular magnetrons

Our circular magnetrons have rapidly become recognized as the new standard of the sputtering industry.Because in addition to their advanced features such as profiled magnets, turbulent water flow, and solid stainless steel construction, they offer a host of other performance efficiencies as well.

Our circular magnetron sources are available from 1" to 16" target sizes.



  • Total power compatibility : their low impedance heads provide RF, DC, mid frequency DC, pulsed DC and microwave power compatibility
  • Quick, easy target change
  • Lower pressure, higher power
  • Greater target utilization
  • Full range of sizes: from 1" to 16" target sizes 


  • Manual pneumatic shutter
  • Right angle 
  • +/- 45° tilt
  • Balanced, unbalanced
  • Gas injection
  • Cheminey
  • High strength magnet array
  • In-situ variable magnetic field 

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