Nos alliages à base d'Aluminium

Neyco can provide you several aluminium alloy. Here's a non exaustive list of what we can offer :  

Matériau Symbole  Point de fusion (°C)
Aluminium Al 660
Aluminium Antimonide AlAs 1080
Aluminum Arsenide AlSb 1600
Aluminum Bromide AlBr3 97
Aluminum Carbide Al4C3 ~1400
Aluminum Fluoride AlF3 1291
Aluminum Nitride AlN >2000
Aluminum Oxide AL2O3 2072
Aluminum Phosphide AlP 2000
Aluminum, 2% Copper Al2%Cu 640
Aluminum, 2% Silicon  Al2%Si 640
Aluminum-dopped Zinc Oxide AZO -


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