Oils for mechanical vacuum pumps

Oils for vacuum pumps

Neyco offers a complete line of oils for all types of mechanical pumps and vacuum applications. Your choice of oil will allow you to achieve longer life without back diffusion, creating a cleaner vacuum system and increasing your productivity. Our strict quality control procedures ensure you get a product that is recommended and used by the majority of manufacturers.

These oils include:

- Mineral oils: these fluids are derived from the distillation and refining of petroleum extracts.

- PFPE based oils which are molecular compounds of Carbon, Fluorine and Oxygen.

This wide selection allows us to advise you on the most suitable oil for your application.

Inland 19

Inland 19 is recommended for use in a non-corrosive environment. The distillation process removes the volatile components, giving way to a lower vapour pressure, with no boiling up compared to non-distilled petroleum oils. These properties allow Inland 19 to be coupled with diffusion pump oils without risk of contamination. Compared to other refinery fluids, such as compressor oils, Inland 19 offers lower maintenance costs, better pumping cycle, longer life and a pump operating at lower temperatures.

Invoil 20

Invoil 20 is used in applications that may involve corrosive or reactive gases. This double distillation oil extends the service life by 5 to 10 times the life of a standard hydrocarbon oil. Due to its very low vapour pressure, Inland 20 can also be used as a diffusion pump oil.

Inland TW

Inland TW is recommended for applications where exposure to reactive or corrosive gases is frequent. This oil contains an excellent additive that gives it thermal and chemical resistance. Compared to Invoil 20, Inland TW lasts 1.5 to 4 times longer.

Inland 45

Inland 45 hydrocarbon oil allows a stress-free cold start due to its low pour point and low viscosity (its viscosity is lower than typical mechanical pump fluids). The viscosity of the oil also remains low and very similar over a wide temperature range. This oil is non-corrosive and non-toxic.

Inland 100+

Inland 100+ is a general purpose hydrocarbon fluid designed for use in large volume piston or vane pumps. Its high viscosity, 100 cSt, provides optimum lubrication and sealing for piston and vane pumps in non-corrosive environments. This oil is not recommended for high concentrations of oxygen or corrosive materials.