Powders & pellets for evaporation

Powders & pellets for evaporation

Neyco provides evaporation materials for PVD applications (Physical Vapor Deposition).

Inorganic materials from Aluminum to Zirconium metals, including borides, carbides, nitrides, oxides, sulfides, tellurides …

Purity from 2N to 5N+ and granulometry from nanopowders to a few mm.

All lots delivered with specific certificate of analysis.

The materials are checked  before shipping with a X-fluorescence analyzer. Certificate on request. 

Lanthanum base, La

Lanthanum base, La

Our customized products

Chemical formula Purity Dimensions Quantity
La Add
La(NO3)3 Add
La2(CO3)3 Add
La2(SO4)3 Add
La2O2S Add
La2O3 Add
La2S3 Add
La2Te3 Add
LaALO3 Add
LaB6 Add
LaBr3 Add
LaC2 Add
LaCl3 Add
LaCrO3 Add
LaF3 Add
LaI3 Add
LaInO3 Add
LaN Add
LaNi5 Add
LaS2 Add
LaSi2 Add
LaTiO3 Add

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