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Cathode powders

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The cathode is the site of oxygen reduction, so it requires much the same characteristics as the anode: good electrocatalytic activity, in this case with respect to the oxygen reduction reaction, and at least excellent electronic conduction.

Neyco offers multiple powders with excellent oxygen ion conductivity for your SOFC cathode needs. These include:

  • LSM, an industry proven standard, as well as LSCF and LSC used for lower temperature applications
  • Composite powders such as LSCF/GDC and LSM/YSZ for use in multilayer cathodes . Extends the triple phase boundary length to increase electrochemical performance

All of these powders are phase pure perovskites (XRD certificate on request). They are fully customisable and can be available in volumes for megawatt units.

Cathode powders are produced in a ISO 9001:2008 certified facility with tight controls on critical features such as stoechiometry, surface area and particle size distribution. Furthermore, by using scalable processing equipment we assure similar powder characteristics at each stage of development.

A step above with cathode inks and pastes:

  • Fabricate your own cells
  • Enhance overall performance
  • Wide range of processing approaches incl. screen printing, painting, aerosol deposition and tape-casting


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